Expanding our expertise is a daily process at AIC. It continues to be our experience that there is considerable overlap between different areas of expertise. This overlap often inspires innovation. If you don’t see your type of project listed within our existing expertise, please contact us for more information. It is highly probable that we can help you. If not, we will certainly be able to help you find someone who can.


Fast Track Office

Meeting tight budgets and schedules while handling the concerns of tenants, building owners and property managers is the key to our success. This category has long been our “bread and butter” and we pride ourselves on getting that “impossible deadline” or “minuscule budget” project completed. We realize our customers’ needs correlate directly to the end user’s needs.

Fast Track Retail

Being open for business on time with a high quality end product requires successful integration of multiple sources of products and materials. Our track record reflects our expertise in handling this formidable challenge.

Green and LEED Certified Building

Our first “green” project was pre-LEED and green was still just a color. The research, analysis and innovation required to complete the Governor’s Mansion renovation gave us a solid foundation in green building and a head start in understanding the many facets of LEED certification. We have completed several green projects since the Governor’s Mansion in 2000.

Medical Facilities

Health care facilities share common yet often unique restraints. Understanding the exact nature of the required “minimally invasive construction criteria” for each project is critical for a successful outcome. Safety, cleanliness and adherence to multiple guidelines and regulations are always a top priority. Our highly trained professional crew, assisted by facility-specific knowledge and clear, frequent communications, continues to build a strong base of repeat medical business.

Clean Rooms

We are no stranger to “bunny suits”, whether building chip manufacturing labs, SCIF rooms or pharmaceutical labs, successful integration of high performance structural, a/c, air flow and monitoring systems is top priority. Comprehensive planning and precise execution of details is responsible for our success with these projects.

New Ground Up

These projects represent your best opportunity to use our comprehensive pre-construction services to obtain the highest value solution. Our innovative approach to scheduling and cost-saving, quality-enhancing construction practices further increases the value of your investment.

Public Works

Bureaucracy, extensive paperwork and substantial red tape come with this territory. Our ability to strategically plan, execute with attention to detail and communicate diligently and consistently has resulted in clients who always hire us again.

High Tech Office

Is there anything more frustrating than high-tech when it doesn’t work? The best high tech office environments are designed around a well-defined functional outcome and a detailed plan for connection and integration. Understanding the characteristics of individual components and their interconnected relationships to the desired end result allows us to get it right the first time.

Water/Fire Restoration

We’ve actually salvaged buildings from recommended destruction. Our comprehensive analysis of the structural damage and fair market value combined with innovative construction practices makes it easy to choose the highest value course of action.


These projects are always price and time sensitive, as strict ROI formulas must be met. Our reputation was established by our consistent ability, fueled by extensive pre-construction analysis, to provide the highest value ROI solution.


These buildings are typically an expression of the owner’s identity and carry a strong emotional component. A detailed understanding of this vision is necessary to create a finished space that stays true to the original concept while integrating the desired experience, functionality, and feasibility.

Multi Family Town Homes

Particularly in today’s Albuquerque economy, these projects face demanding Return on Investment requirements. In order to successfully integrate the cost, quality and completion requirements for a viable project, accurate and insightful pre-construction studies and value engineering are a must. Construction scheduling and execution are also critical as cost and time overruns can destroy the viability of the project.