Providing the highest value solutions requires an ongoing process that encourages both a macro and a micro view of the situation at hand. This integrated viewpoint leads to an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of each construction project. Every detail impacts the quality of the overall project. Understanding of the “big picture” aspect of a project facilitates the most beneficial selection of details. Our AIC process described below is how we consistently deliver on our high value promise.

  • Analyze

    Although all projects share some similarities, most are unique in their specific challenges and requirements.

    Our pre-construction analysis covers all aspects of the project and results in a comprehensive understanding of our client’s needs, desires, concerns, requirements, budget and schedule. Only when this understanding is reached is it possible to begin a true value-engineering process, designed to positively impact the benefits received/price paid ratio. All of our clients want construction to be ‘minimally invasive’ and “maximally responsive”. This stage of the process allows us to set the parameters for achieving this desire. Our expertise in the analysis stage allows us to consistently identify benefits our clients hadn’t realized and avoid immediate and future costs they hadn’t calculated.

  • Innovate

    Our comprehensive and thorough approach to analysis lays the foundation for our innovative solutions.

    Our curiosity, broad base of knowledge, and enjoyment of the problem-solving process helps us to make the connections that lead to value-expanding solutions. Our clients are pleasantly surprised by our ability to integrate knowledge, techniques and technology from multiple disciplines and industries to develop solutions that work for them.

  • Construct

    Our attention to detail, quality workmanship, strong working relationships, and motivated, knowledgeable personnel deliver our innovative solutions on time, on budget and in full compliance with all safety, privacy and other site conditions.

    Our hands-on management style allows us to work closely with our clients, keeping them involved and updated through every step of the construction process. As our references indicate, we consistently provide high value solutions for all types of construction work across a diverse range of industries.