Sweat Yoga Studio

NAIOP Award Winner

Owners Joe Fox and Delyn Davidson had been searching all over Albuquerque to launch their very unique concept of Hot Yoga and partnered early on with AIC to scout out several locations to make it work both financially and location wise as well. Success was found in the form of an old printing company location in the NE heights. With the resurgence of business activity in this portion of town, the owners picked this long vacant 4,500 sqft building to launch their concept of a “Full Service” hot yoga studio complete with 70% humidity levels combined with 99 degree heat to provide a “true” hot yoga experience compared to its dry heat competitors in town. This unique workout is combined with tile and granite shower and locker rooms, available child daycare and a complete retail area, that makes this business a “destination” amongst the health conscious and has helped bring a needed amenity to this section of town.

The entire interior needed to be gutted so the new concept could be realized and the proper layout be implemented. A new 2,000 sqft studio complete with closed cell foam ceilings, antibacterial flooring and a completely sealed perimeter to keep the humidity in one place was constructed, along with elegant individual men’s and women’s shower rooms, a laundry room and employee break area.  A special $75,000 combination humidifier/heater and Ultraviolet light rooftop unit was retrofitted into the structure so that the classes could be held in the desired environment. The closed room recirculation air loop would heat and add humidity to the room and then extract it while treating the air with ultra violet rays thereby killing all germs. This unit had never been installed at this altitude before and several test runs and modifications were required to achieve the proper levels. The contractor and owner worked hand in hand with the HVAC manufacturer on a daily basis, exchanging information and results so that the project opening date could be maintained and client’s goals met.


To date, expectations have been exceeded for this special Yoga Studio that provides an experience like no other in town and has become a favorite “hot” spot to visit and recommend to others.

Project Location: 4500 Osuna Rd NE #200, Albuquerque
Owner: Joe Fox & Delynn Davidson
Architect: Bob McElheney