One of the things that we in the construction industry struggle with here in New Mexico due to limited resources is the repourposing of products that come out of a space that we are demolishing for a new tenant. Most tenants would like, understandably so, new everything in their spaces.
Recently an opportunity presented itself for re-use and AIC’s project manager jumped at the chance to help. AIC is in the middle of building Siembra Leadership High School’s new location in the Anasazi Building downtown. During the budgeting process, it was decided that the school did not have the funding available for flooring at this time and that they would just have to use the concrete floors until funding was available some time in the future. When the same PM was tasked with getting Brookline Colleges new space ready for Gemini Rosemont, which would require a complete gut and re-build of an existing space, he saw the opportunity to repurpose the perfectly good carpet tiles that had been left behind by the previous tenant. They are in such good condtion and there is enough to carpet the entire school’s space! Pictured is Siembra Leadership’s executive director along with some of their students helping get the flooring ready for transport!

We are glad to partner with Gemini Rosemont in this donation and happy that the students will have a floor to call their own!