“Always provide the highest value solution possible.”

This simple and demanding statement was the primary directive for the founding of AIC General Contractors Inc. in March 2000. Every ounce of our client’s satisfaction and our subsequent success is a direct result of our relentless pursuit for the highest value solutions. The choice of directive was actually an easy one as we, the founders, are naturally and extremely curious and tenacious individuals who place a high value on teamwork, service, and a job well done. The beauty of this directive is that it requires an in-depth understanding of our client’s needs and desires, and demands that that we constantly expand our abilities and improve our service. We have developed our analysis skills to a high level and often find solutions intuitively. Our comprehensive knowledge of the disciplines involved in construction fuels our innovative approach to all types of construction challenges. This same ever-expanding base of knowledge allows us to make accurate estimates of construction costs and completion times. We continuously channel our curiosity into finding ways to do something better, resulting in increasing benefits received/price paid ratios for our clients.

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