BelVedere Urban Courtyard Living

How do you build a 54 unit urban courtyard home project for 25% less than all other estimates without sacrificing quality, function and timely completion?

BelVedere is a unique and imaginative contemporary expression of the oldest form of human urban settlement, dating back thousands of years. Unable to find a contractor who could meet the budget and time constraints of this project, the developer challenged us to find a way to make this much needed project a reality.

Our extensive review and analysis of the plans, along with the functional and design goals for the project, uncovered multiple opportunities to reduce cost while maintaining or enhancing the desired outcome. In addition to the cost and time constraints, financing restraints required that the individual buildings, 13 in total, be ready for sale and occupancy prior to the completion of the total project.

Working closely with the architect, owner and a carefully selected team of subs, we were able to commit to a firm budget that met all constraints and was 25% lower than previous estimates. Using an “assembly line” process and a collaborative approval process with the architect, city, owners and subs, we were able to complete the project on budget, on time, and with homes occupied pre-project completion.

What impact did these tight constraints have on the quality of the finished project? We think Jim Folkman, Executive Director of the Homebuilders Association of Central New Mexico, has the best answer. “The Urban Revitalization Award is one of the more important awards we give out each year. It has become a soundly accepted idea that well-done and imaginative infill projects near our urban core have great market appeal and offer a housing alternative that is becoming increasingly popular. It seems particularly fitting that Rob Dickson and his team should win this prestigious award, given the significant contribution they have made to the revitalization of our downtown area.” This significant contribution also led to the 2008 NAIOP Award of Excellence for Mixed Use Development.

Project Location:  301 Arno NE Albuquerque, NM 87102
Owner: Belvedere, LLC
Architect: Hartman Majewski Design Group