Jazzbah Restaurant

NAIOP Award Winner

A grand dream of fine Jazz music and upscale cuisine in the middle of downtown Albuquerque was realized when Jazzbah was built below the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce where the Albuquerque Bank was located in the early 1900’s. The theater Block Complex was completed in 2002 and this site, which was intended for restaurant development, had remained vacant for several years. Trying to incorporate a new restaurant at the congested intersection of 2nd and Gold Ave had its challenges but the results of the design and construction were magnificent.

The space was constructed with vast window exposure on both the south and west faces and retained its 20’ ceiling height. The anchor location in the 100 block of Gold, also home of the Gold Avenue Lofts and The Box Theater, also constructed by AIC General Contractor previously, provided a solid foundation for a new venue for music, fine food, performing arts and creativity.

The goal was to create a stunning, functional and inviting destination for less than $125 per square foot. Major changes had to be made to accommodate the kitchen and seating requirements for the business model. Many of the design elements chosen had to be created, including the fiber optic rainstorm, the backlit bar wall, the piano bar at the entry, and the enclosed exhaust fan. The space layout went through many versions before the proper integration of restaurant, bar, stage, kitchen and restrooms were reached.

Project Location: 119 Gold Street SW, Albuquerque
Owner: Don Putz
Architectr: Studio Hill Designs