Hot Worx East / West

Hot Worx East

NAIOP Award Winner

Finding the right sized retail space with the proper mechanical infrastructure and minimal demolition requirements proved challenging, eliminating some locations from consideration. Due to the volume of motivational music being played during class, each space needed to have sound walls built on either side of the space to help mitigate sound transfer to the neighboring tenants. Special structural connections for the workout ropes were buried within the walls and a special “rack system” was constructed to facilitate a multitude of work out plans. A raised floor system that “moves” with the participants was constructed to reduce fatigue during camp. Child care rooms, retail areas, showers and changing areas were all incorporated in to the plan and local members integrated the corporate franchise designs in to the local spaces seamlessly. Inspections were coordinated in “layers” based on the sound wall requirements while integrating the structural requirements as well. Due to the franchisee’s both hitting their membership goals early, team members were able to get both location open in time for employee training and the first clients were able to take their first class as expected.