Sunday Service Brewery / Coffee Bar

NAIOP Award Winner

To have a brewery requires a lot of plumbing infrastructure and the property at one time had shared utilities with the buildings to the West. Early on in the pricing phase it was decided to create a new sewer and water tie in from 4th street rather than try and separate it out from the adjoining property. During the initial rough in of the plumbing infrastructure and the demolition of several interior finishes the true history of the property came to light. It was discovered that the original building build in the 1930’s had been added on to in the 50’s and again in the 70’s. Several layers of original buildings slabs were found underneath each other as well as load bearing walls that had been removed during these previous expansions requiring a pivot in the layout and design of the open seating concept. The owners, design team and GC quickly made the adjustments to embrace the new structural details to blend in with the original concept and made these details appear purposeful rather than an afterthought. The several layers of slabs were worked around and the multiple ceilings heights blended in so that the open seating concept blends in perfectly with the bar areas. Completely new restrooms were also created around the old motorcycle area and you can even see an old motorcycle engine hoist left in place on an I-beam in the hallway for posterity and remembrance to the old shop. This also includes a classic mural left in the beautiful outdoor patio that patrons enjoy year round. A new motorcycle shop was created with equipment and windows salvaged from the original shop as well, but upgraded with modern tools and supplies.

In the end, they got what they wanted, as their slogan simply states : ” Great Coffee, tasty beer, and motorcycles that sometimes run. We are a gathering place that values these three things above all else; People, Quality, and Service. Stop by and see us for a drink.”