Hello all, Team AIC is happy to not only be sponsoring but also PARTICIPATING in this years “Walk For Autism” on April 7th! We’d love your support! We will be out there that day walking for the cause.  Please support us and the New Mexico Autism Society by clicking on the link below and donate to the cause if you are able to. Every dollar counts! We thank you in advance!

Below is a link to our team donation page for anybody who wants to put it on their social media outlets and solicit donations straight to that site. We are trying to raise an additional $1,000 in excess of what our sponsorship was. Please share the link and see if you can get friends to contribute to the cause! Thank you and let me know if you want to walk with us on Saturday April 7th. We would get there at 10:30 AM, over by like 1:00!

walk for autism nm