Mission Veterinary Clinic – Rio Rancho – NAIOP Winner

NAIOP Award Winner

Project Description:

Starting with dirt floors and just exterior walls, Mission Veterinary Clinic is a unique and beautiful addition to Rio Rancho. At 4,000 sqft with an additional 800 sqft to expand in to in the future, it is the perfect size that the owners needed to supply quality pet care to their clients.  Providing Exams & Consultations, Nutritional Counseling, Surgery, Vaccinations and microchipping, this brand-new clinic serves the city of Rio Rancho and more. Medical gas lines were installed throughout the building to facilitate ease of procedures from any part of the clinic. Beautiful polished concrete floors allow for quick and sanitary clean up. Having been able to start “from scratch” and a dirt floor allowed the Doctor to easily arrange her clinic without the restriction of existing structures. The colors and functionality of the space are considered “plusses” from all who visit the clinic.

Project Challenges:

The City of Rio Rancho lacks a medical gas inspector so close coordination with the State inspector to achieve inspections on his basis of availability was key to getting final approvals for the clinic. In addition, City records differed from site conditions so several addendums to plans were required to satisfy inspections. As with any build out from a shell condition and working for a private party, budget was of utmost importance. After the baseline budget was established, the contractor and owner worked closely together on final finishes and decisions to make sure it was maintained.

Project Success:

Located in Cabezon Business park in Rio Rancho, Mission Veterinary clinic is the result of Dr. Melinda Eyrich and her husband Christopher looking for a very specific space for a very long time. As it turns out, this location was near to their home and provided the flexibility to do exactly what they wanted to do for their new business. Mission Veterinary Clinic is a well thought out and extremely functional part of the Rio Rancho community. With its state-of-the-art equipment, kennels, exam rooms and surgery area, it is providing quality pet care in an area that required additional services. In addition, at the conclusion of the project, the contractor reconciled all costs and provided the client with a CREDIT change order for dollars not used. This project finished on time and UNDER budget.

Project Location: Rio Rancho, NM
Owner: Chris / Melinda Eyrich
Architect: BDA