NAIOP Award Winner

A beautiful addition to Jefferson corridors “restaurant row”, M’tuccis 25 has finally brought this famous brand to the East side of the river for all of its customers to enjoy. A perennial “Best of Albuquerque” award winner for its amazing culinary dishes, this location immediately saw recognition for carrying on their tradition of great food, impeccable service and a community minded management team that continually gives back.  When the old Chama River Brewing company site became available to market, the ownership group of M’tucci’s began a month’s long “design and conquer” approach to taking what were “good bones” of the 8,000 sqft. property, and re-envisioning it to meet their Italian background mixed with a modern flair. Several reiterations were designed, thought out and decided upon to achieve what is now a beautiful and ungraded restaurant space that provides true “form meeting function” in the signature M’tucci way.

The kitchen walls, ceilings and equipment were stripped of finishes and cleaned and brought up to current codes. New epoxy floor systems were installed in the kitchen and back bar areas for cleanability and sanitary purposes.  The dining areas were reconfigured for a more user friendly and serviceability approach and to open up viewing aisles to take advantage of the high ceilings and remodeled finishes. The previously underutilized and outdated bar area was updated to create a beautiful M’tucci’s style, warm environment. The exterior of the building also had not been upgraded for several years and new stucco, paint, and entrances were added. A spectacular 30-foot-wide sliding door system which required a structural upgrade to the bearing walls was cut in to the building to adjoin the bar area with an outdoor dining patio. Cumbersome and unneeded exterior structures that were specific to the brewery were removed to create the clean and modern look you see today. The parking lot was re-striped and repaired to also bring it up to current codes.