Verus Research

NAIOP Award Winner

Verus Research, a perennial “Fasting growing” company on many local business lists, had completely run out of space in their 2nd floor offices at 6100 Uptown. With the departure of a longtime tenant on the 7th floor, they seized the opportunity to also remodel this entire floor to suit their office needs and create a new “corporate” style, top floor home office for themselves.

In conjunction with the Improve Group and their modular DIRTT wall systems and Design Plus Architecture, a blend of traditional commercial construction materials along with modern modular finishes was designed to create a flowing and collaborative work space with break out areas, open space work stations, meeting rooms for clients and executive offices.

A complete re-work of mechanical and electrical systems, all new finishes throughout the spaces and beautifully design and implemented printed wall panels create a soothing and welcoming work environment that today’s work force craves and thrives upon.