ABQ Salons

NAIOP Award Winner

Most retail “remodels” lack vision and are generally “vanilla” by design standards to do the bare minimum required to get the doors open. The ownership of ABQ Salons envisioned, and created, a very unique boutique style, multi tenanted space that appeals to the eye, the consumer and encourages each individual tenant in the building to create their own space as they see fit. To do so required thoughtful layout and high-end finishes to start from as well as an infrastructure that could be modified and maintained easily for any future tenant modifications.

Common area restrooms, laundry facilities and break areas were constructed for all tenants to use and an app based remote access control system was installed to facilitate ease of use for both tenant and ownership which also allowed for off-site monitoring. The same app-based system also controls the mechanical systems within the space to modify usage as required.

The “loop” layout of the 5,000 sqft, 30 individual space project allows consumers to experience a “mall” type experience as they browse through the different types of salon spaces held within. Each individual business can work with other businesses on site to promote each other in a true collaborative spirit.